May 31, 2023

eHeart Monitor .biz

Innovations in Medical Alert Systems from eHeart Health Monitoring LLC

Enterprise class real-time monitoring

How can one monitor thousands of people in real-time for detected falls and calls for help, including their biometrics like heart rate and blood oxygen concentration (%SpO2), all at the same time from a single screen or smart phone? Check On Me Online from eHeart Health Monitoring LLC, in Clayton North Carolina, wants to power your company’s monitoring solutions to enable that very thing. Company president Eric Midgett states, “We’ve integrated Check On Me Online with a battle tested tech-industry solution for infrastructure monitoring. From our beginning, our backend has featured tight integration with an industry leading IT infrastructure monitoring solution”, a stalwart monitoring solution with a decades long reputation of reliability and scalability in the IT sector according to Midgett. “By leveraging our unique integration on our backend, eHeart Health Monitoring is able to offer real-time monitoring B2B services based on a multi-tenant SOA architecture” explains Midgett, “that enables us to white label our service to other Medical Alert System companies who want sensor capabilities without making a big technology investment”.