December 3, 2022

eHeart Monitor .biz

Innovations in Medical Alert Systems from eHeart Health Monitoring LLC

A new take on health sensors

Why do healthy people buy and wear health sensors, like a heart rate sensor, during their work outs? The typical answers include “so I don’t push myself too hard” and “so I can see incremental improvement” that results from regular work outs. eHeart Health Monitoring, in Clayton North Carolina, has put a new spin on consumer health sensors. “We monitor sensors worn by our loved ones to make sure they don’t push themselves too hard, and so we can see the incremental degradation that comes with age or onset of health challenges” states company founder Eric Midgett. “Instead of looking for data indicating improvement month by month, we’re looking for degradation in those same readings” he adds, “…or a sudden change in readings that could indicate the person’s situation has changed”.